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    Trying to get dried face mask out of your eyebrows once you accidentally get it there in the first place.

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    So this happened. We recreated AVPS. As much as we could.

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    sweet dreams are made of bees
    who am i, i’m made of bees
    everything is made of bees
    send help

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    when im a parent i won’t take my kid’s electronics when they get in trouble i’ll just take the charger so i can watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly begins to run out

    Stop right there, Satan.


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  5. I’m Not Like Other Girls.


    “I’m not like
    other girls, you know?”
    she tilts her head back
    and smiles strangely at me
    like she’s inviting me in
    on a little secret she’s been waiting to tell me
    “I’m different.”

    When I ask her
    exactly what does she mean by that
    she shrugs
    rolling her shoulders up and down
    “just that -
    I’m just not like the rest.
    I’m smart.
    I actually eat
    I don’t wear make up -
    I’m just not like them.”

    So you’re saying
    every other girl is stupid
    and every other girl never eats
    and every other girl wears make up
    every other girl is a mile high billboard
    six feet tall
    with photoshopped skin
    and a waist roughly the size of your ankle.

    You see one of these girls in the mall
    and you turn your nose up at them
    sneering – how silly they are
    how stereotypical they are
    I’m not like them
    I’m better than them.

    But in reality
    other girls don’t actually exist
    other girls is something
    told to us
    from the day we first learned
    that pink was our color
    and make up was our thing
    and our boyfriends are supposed to hold our purses
    and wait for us outside.

    'Other girls'
    much like Snow White
    and much like Cinderella
    is a bed time story
    told to you every single second
    of every single day;
    you grew up
    learning to hate every other girl
    you grew up
    on the idea that what has been
    assigned to your gender -
    by a society
    and a media
    that wants to make money off of you -
    is something to be sneered at
    you grew up
    on the notion that pretty and thin
    are synonymous with stupid and vapid

    But isn’t that they want us to be?
    Isn’t that what they’ve been telling us to be?
    Because if we’re not pretty and thin
    then we’re not worth anyone’s time
    but then if we are pretty and thin
    we’re turned into a joke.

    A joke – like
    a 23 year old woman
    who’s been producing and writing
    her own music since she was sixteen years old
    being reduced to nothing more
    than the sum of her boyfriends
    a joke – like
    a 22 year old man
    who’s been producing and writing
    his own music since he was sixteen years old
    who is applauded and respected
    and even that
    boils down to other girls -
    other girls date your favorite boy band member
    other girls are pretty and thin
    other girls are ‘sluts.’

    Other girls are the enemy
    pretty girls are the enemy
    because we’ve been taught that pretty girls
    get every thing so much easier
    but this is only true
    in the sense that they get
    the burdens that we all must face
    handed to them on a silver platter
    instead of on a wooden plank
    and is it so much better
    after all?

    What is it that you hate so much
    about your own gender
    that compels you to separate yourself
    and claim yourself as above them?
    Don’t you see that when you divide us into ranks
    we create an enemy on the inside
    while the real enemy
    gets stronger?

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    so much tension in one photo

    its either 1am or 1pm in the pic and i dont know which is funnier

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